Wine Styles

One of the most fascinating things about wine is the startling array of types and styles there are to try. Take all the different grape varietals, plant them in wine regions throughout the world, then hand the grapes over to individual winemakers to practice their craft…and the results are a non-stop exploration of grape, vineyard, region and country that, for many, becomes a lifelong passion for wine.

Terroir is the concept that the location, soil and climate of a given vineyard site directly affect the flavor and characteristics of the wine produced from that vineyard. Here at Echo Ridge, we carefully match climate and soil types for each grape varietal to produce wines that fully express the vineyard/varietal relationship.

Echo Ridge makes wine from a variety of grape varietals:

Chardonnay (“shahr-dough-nay”)
Medium-bodied, buttery and oaky with vanilla, pineapple, peach and red apple flavors and a smooth finish.

Semillon (“sem-eelong”)
Light- to medium-bodied with apricot, honeysuckle and pear flavors with a dry finish.

Shiraz (“sir-raz”)
Heavy-bodied and chewy with black cherry, currant, jammy, spice and tobacco tones.

Verdelho (“ver-del-hoo”)
Light-bodied and crisp with passionfruit type aromas