Some Wine Facts

Few Simple Wine Facts....

- A single varietal wine is made from only one grape variety, rather than a blend of different grapes which is referred to as a blended wine, or varietal blend

- Distinguishing characters in a wine derived from the grape variety are described as varietal character and include aspects of the wine’s aroma, flavour and texture or mouthfeel.

- Specific properties of different grape varieties are unique and varied, but the structure of the berry can be broken down into three major components; the flesh, the skin and the seeds.

- Flavours in wine are derived from the primary fruit character of the grape and the wine maker’s choice of technique

- The grape’s skins colour is what determines the ultimate colour of the wine, without the skin, all grape juice is a grey colour.

- Wine varieties are ever changing and evolving, with new varieties being constantly isolated and catalogued around the world.

- The choice of grape variety is the most significant factor in determining the shape, flavour and character of a wine.

- The goal of making high quality wine is to negotiate the relationship of all the characters - aroma, bouquet, flavour, acidity, sweetness and tannin.